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We provide services for multinational, national, private and public limited companies from around the World.

Our market dealings and experiences have provided us with a more in-depth insight into service requirements, market trends and demand forecasting for related projects.

A balance between such market opportunities and internal competence building underline our commitment and investment in establishing and positioning ourselves within the global marketplace.


13+ Years of Cranes Expertise

Global Sourcing Service

Representing clients on a global scale


We guarantee all of its services

Global Sourcing Service

We sell and hire out various types of construction machinery from renowned manufacturers. A specialist service for clients, assisting your business with a personal touch. Representing clients on a global scale. Providing quality solutions. Inspection of machinery. After-sales support for Parts & Technical Interventions.

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Quality Solutions


Specialist Services

13+ Years of Cranes Expertise

We offer a specialist service for our customers, supporting and helping your business source New and Used Construction Machinery and Spare Parts from around the globe. We specialise in both the sale and hire of construction machinery at very competitive prices.
Years in business with long-term relationships allowed us to forge stellar processes and unparalleled customer service.
Our friendly staff welcomes all companies, small and large, looking for a professional contract lift service, competitive price and capable equipment in excellent condition.

Our Guarantee

We provide quality solutions by adding value to our services and enhancing our partnerships. We take pride in anticipating our customer’s needs and providing them with customised solutions.

Simple Solutions Europe Ltd guarantees all of its services from assisting with the purchase or hire agreement of machines, to the ordering of parts. Two decades on the market gave us experience in trading on a global scale and have a reputable name with buyers and sellers. Therefore, we can track every sale, every step of the way.
We aim to be the most dynamic-proactive crane hiring and sourcing service, globally, by exceeding expectations.

To partner with SSE means to create a long-term partnership as strive to add value, provide cost-effective service and create “win-win” scenarios.

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